April 29, 2022
Ker Ting

April 2022 - Roundup

A Monthly Event for the NELO Community

Release of Whitepaper

Official Panel Member of the Blockchain Game Alliance

Introducing Pat

Tutorial Series: How to connect MetaMask to NSC

NSC Testnet Blindbox Event - Winner Announcement

Partnerships & Sponsorships - Events

A New Era with NELO - Winner Announcement

Introducing Shawn

Introducing Sook

Release of Whitepaper

On 31st March, NELO released its official Whitepaper (version 1). This first version of our Whitepaper will allow readers to understand the mission and challenges we are focused on overcoming in 2022.

Check out our Whitepaper here!

Official Panel Member of the Blockchain Game Alliance

NELO becomes a panel member of the Blockchain Game Alliance

NELO is committed to making its products available to gamers around the world. After successfully rebranding on the 28th March, they joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) as a member of their partner program.

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Introducing: Pat

Pat - NELO's Co-Founder & COO

In NELO’s Team Introduction series, we spoke to Pat, COO and Co-Founder of NELO. Giving our followers a closer look at the team behind the curtains.

“I’d say that my role at NELO [as a whole] is to continue working on what we have started here and to continue to work towards developing a blockchain for gamers and game developers around the world.”

Read more about Pat here!

Tutorial Series: How to connect MetaMask to NSC

Tutorials: MetaMask to NSC

Many changes are going on as we advance into the next few phases of our Mainnet launch in the later part of the year. We decided to start a tutorial series for our Nelons!

If you’d like to learn more about connecting MetaMask to NSC,

start here!

NSC Testnet Blindbox Event - Winner Announcement

NSC Testnet Blindbox Winner Announcement

NELO’s Testnet launched in early January 2022, approximately 11,302,945 transactions have been made, with an average block time of 1.1 seconds (as of 6th April 2022, at the time of publishing this article). We would like to thank our community for their constant support in participating in our official events and would like to announce the winners for the ‘NSC Testnet Blindbox Event’.

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Partnerships & Sponsorships - Events

CryptoExpoAsia x NELO Sponsorship

CryptoExpoAsia and NELO Sponsorship

NELO is proud to announce its sponsorship for this year’s CryptoExpoAsia convention. It is one of the largest premier exhibitions and conferences in Asia for Investors and Crypto industry leaders to network and explore more business opportunities in the crypto space. Together with HQMENA, they recently held an event in Dubai on 16th and 17th March 2022 featuring more than 100 crypto companies and drawing in more than 10,000 visitors.

Get your tickets here!

TOKEN 2049 x NELO Partnership

Token2049 and NELO Partnership

NELO is proud to announce its partnership with TOKEN2049 for their event in Singapore this September. TOKEN2049 is the premier crypto event, organised annually in Singapore and London, where founders and executives of leading crypto and blockchain companies share their view on the market. For this year's event, TOKEN2049 has announced it's speakers - they include Sam Bankman-Fried (Co-Founder of FTX), Aleksander Leonard Larsen (Co-Founder of Axie Infinity) and Kris Marszalek (CEO of Crypto.com). This year, the event will be held in conjunction with the F1 Singapore Grand Prix happening on 30 September - 2 October 2022.

Going to be in Singapore in September? Get your tickets here!

A New Era with NELO - Winners Announcement

A New Era with NELO Winners Announcement

On 21st March 2022, NELO launched its rebranding campaign, on Gleam.io, as its new website was LIVE along with a new look for the company. Bringing together all of its loyal followers, Nelons, to celebrate the momentous occasion. As it launched, thousands of submissions had been collected and we continue to be appreciative and grateful for the genuine support from all our Nelons around the world. Submissions from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Iran, France, Ireland, Russia, Turkey and Brazil! We are excited to have new Nelons onboard and hopefully get to hear from you through our social media.

Were you one of our lucky winners? Read more here!

Introducing Shawn

Shawn - NELO's Head of Business Development & Marketing

We are pleased to introduce you to Shawn, our Head of Business Development and Marketing at NELO.

“I strongly believe in NELO’s mission in developing a blockchain suitable for gamers and game developers. The Metaverse could very well be the one of the many planets in the Blockchain-Gamefi universe.”

Read more about Shawn here!

Introducing Sook

Sook - NELO's Marketing Manager

We have spoken to Sook! As part of our final part of our interview series, and we hope that our Nelons have enjoyed this series as much as we have had doing them!

“I am eager to begin extending our assistance to new projects once NELO launches its mainnet! Moreover, I would like to expand the user base of our ecosystem. Oh! And of course! Meeting with community members at conventions this year due to the gradual lifting of COVID restrictions.”

To learn more about Sook, click here!

About NELO (NSC)

NELO is a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, eliminating the barriers of Ethereum blockchain networks. Speed, security, and the ability to scale are the priorities and principles of NELO.