May 27, 2022
Ker Ting

Introducing Neloverse

The Metaverse Reinvented on NELO Smart Chain (NSC)

The long awaited Neloverse, a portal opened through the technology of NELO, is finally coming to reality! With a Metaverse and GameFi Open World experience, players and artists can use Neloverse to take full control of their gaming experiences and monetise their work within the game. This allows a community for users from all over the world to hang out, create, and fight alongside one another. Our visions for the future of Neloverse include subcultures arising from these communities, and to provide gamers with the ability to achieve new heights in the world of gaming through means other than creation. As the saying goes, the world is your oyster and we’re intrigued to discover what each Neloverse player makes of this.

While it sounds all amazing, how does Neloverse actually work?

The launch of Neloverse will feature the Land NFT, Game Maker and NeloVox (Neloverse's Voxel Editing Software), which are the 3 main components of the game. These key elements will be in place, allowing players to create their own games within their own regions. With this platform, gamers are enabled new types of interactions, innovation, and a fun gaming experience to look forward to. Our players will be provided with resources to start their adventure, and they will be allowed to choose whatever they desire in terms of development and contribution along the way.

With much anticipation, every Nelovian will need to purchase a Land NFT to begin developing their own tiny Metaverse wonderland, which will serve as the foundation for all future NFT constructions. In Neloverse, a Land NFT is a digital piece of real estate that players may purchase and develop experiences on top of. You will be able to populate a Land NFT with Games and Assets once you have purchased one. Players can utilise the land to host and play games on the lands of other players, stake out territories and construct districts.

Here is the exciting part! In our NELO marketplace, users will be able to buy, sell, or rent their Land NFTs, and Lands that are closer to important partners or social centres would likely receive more traffic from gamers through monetisation, potentially resulting in greater revenue. These highly sought-after Lands will be distinguished as Premium Lands.

So how will players be able to create their own NFTs?

Good news! We will also be releasing a Game Maker Software, which will allow people to design their own voxel-based NFTs using NeloVox. No matter how unusual or different your character is, he or she will have a special spot in Neloverse.

You might be wondering what else could NeloVox do?

Players will be able to create with a variety of tools, templates, and resources in our NeloVox! While you may be familiar with games such as Roblox, Sims and Animal Crossing New Horizons, it similarly allows players to construct their own characters from the ground up. Players will be able to do so with ease and freedom. Furthermore, character development will not be limited and instead, will be able to create their own statues and game elements. For instance, if gamers wish to build replicas of famous museums, they will be able to do so using our construction tools. Likewise, other players can do the same on their respective land, and will be able to resurrect extinct creatures or build their ideal home.

The Endgame of Neloverse?

Limitless. With Neloverse, change is always expected. Therefore, we will be improving the game to accommodate fresh features that players request in the future. We aspire to build a world where any brand or business can thrive in the Metaverse. Regardless of whether it’s YouTubers, streamers, gamers, fashion designers or celebrities who want to engage with their audience, we believe that there is a place for everyone. Not only that, players will be able to produce and sell their own products to their offline networks, inviting them into the Metaverse, covering games to land. Animals from your wildest dreams will be able to be animated and incorporated into the world, enabling the creation of personal museums, displays of art works and unleash all forms of one’s creativity.

The gaming world has just been elevated and besides, users will have the opportunity to use and earn in-game tokens while in the Neloverse. This includes events generated by play-to-earn and community oriented hangouts. With new styles of gameplay and endless possibilities of the Metaverse, join us in Neloverse’s beginning towards evolution. Neloverse is ready for disruption — and it does not plan on holding back.

About Neloverse:

Neloverse — a collaborative space where players from all over the world can meet and fight together. Take control of their piece of the Metaverse here in Neloverse and begin creating their own virtual universe.

Hosted on the NELO Smart Chain (NSC).

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About NELO (NSC):

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