April 23, 2022
Ker Ting

Introducing: Sook Hui

Marketing Manager

In this new series of articles, we want to introduce the people behind the NELO ecosystem. We will be introducing them individually every week as we get closer to our rebranding launch. This will allow our users to get to know each and everyone of our team members here at NELO and why/what they do here! We are excited to introduce you to Sook Hui, our Marketing Manager at NELO.

What is your background and field of interest?

S: Academically, I graduated from the Singapore Management University (SMU) with a degree in Business Management specialising in Marketing in 2021. I've always had a knack for marketing. In my years of academia, I've gained a great deal of knowledge in traditional marketing and the new age types of marketing, with social media. 

The year 2021 was a big year for me because I graduated from university and began my journey in the crypto space. I joined my first crypto exchange in June 2021, and it felt like I was entering a very unfamiliar world, from what I was used to. However, the feeling of newness didn't last long as I was quick to learn everything I could. In the work and skills I've picked up there, I've gained a sizable amount of knowledge and experience. A great deal of my time was spent working with the business development department on coin listings, I would spend my time researching on projects that interest me the most. As a result of this, I've been able to figure out specific marketing strategies that apply to multiple projects in the industry. 

How and Why did you end up at NELO?

S: When I first saw NELO, I saw the potential of the company and of the community. My friend told me about NELO right after its first sale on PinkSale. While doing my research, I contacted their CEO and Founder, Walter Teo. It felt like a great place to be - if not, exhilarating. I was drawn in by the project's prospects and believed I could help the business move forward.

What is your role at NELO?

S: Well! Shortly put, I am a blockchain marketing professional with experience in digital marketing, content creation, and social media management. At NELO, I strive to spread the NELO name and to increase the adoption of blockchain technology to a greater crowd. Specifically speaking, my role requires me to bring the company into the unknown! Although it may be a little scary I believe that the NELO team and I are ready to take on any challenges that will come our way.

What are you most excited about in the future of NELO?

S: I am eager to begin extending our assistance to new projects that join our ecosystem once NELO launches its mainnet! Moreover, I would like to expand the user base of our ecosystem. Oh and of course! Meeting with community members at conventions this year with the gradual lifting of COVID restrictions.

What are your personal hobbies and interests?

S: Honestly? I have a great passion for the fashion industry. Probably where you would have found me if I had not found the crypto space. However, having a passion for the fashion industry has its perks as there are many opportunities for NELO to expand with the growth of fashion brands looking to enter the Metaverse. Examples include Zepeto, Louis Vuitton and Prada’s collaboration with Lil Miquela, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) influencer. The integration of blockchain technology is endless in the near future and I am optimistic about it, no doubt! 

More about Sook Hui: Linkedin

Passionate about Marketing, Fashion and Blockchain. 

A self-motivated, conscientious and responsible individual, I aim to do my utmost best in everything that I undertake. With my experiences at work and in school, it has helped me develop strong critical thinking, strategic planning and interpersonal skills. As such, I would like to contribute fresh but feasible ideas in a challenging and fast-moving environment.

Her vision: "NELO is ready to change things up in the way blockchains are developed. we will leave a mark in the GameFi and Metaverse industry; as we place a strong emphasis on constantly adapting to the needs of the gaming field."

About NELO (NSC):

NELO is a protocol and framework for building & connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, overcoming the limitations of Ethereum blockchain networks.

Speed, security, and scalability, are the priorities and principles of NELO. If this is what you are looking for, then you are at the right place.