March 14, 2022
Ker Ting

Introducing: Walter Teo

Founder & CEO of NELO

In this new series of articles, we want to introduce the people behind the NELO ecosystem. We will be introducing them individually every week as we get closer to our rebranding launch. This will allow our users to get to know each and everyone of our team members here at NELO and why/what they do here!

Without further ado, we present to you, Walter Teo, our founder and CEO of NELO.

What is your background and field of interest?

W: I graduated in the year 2004 from Coventry University, United Kingdom, with a Bachelor degree in Computer and Network. Since leaving university, I worked in the information technology (IT) industry for 14 years while growing a strong passion in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. I am a strong believer in blockchain development for future generations and believe that by starting NELO, we can grow closer to this vision.

How and why did you end up at NELO?

W: While I was working at Any Cloud Computing, I enjoyed gaming as well! Funnily enough that’s where I met Pat! And found out that we both have an interest in the NFT, crypto and the blockchain industry. From there we would talk about working together on a GameFi NFT project and that was when NELO Metaverse was born.

What exactly are you doing at NELO?

W: At NELO, I am in charge of all activities which involves our product, this includes our blockchain development and game development. But as NELO is a startup I wear many hats throughout the development process. This includes business development, operations, investor relations and working closely with our teams to ensure everyone is comfortable while working at their highest potential.

What are you most excited about regarding the future of NELO?

W: We’re excited to bring a GameFi-Metaverse oriented blockchain, the first of its kind, to seasoned and young developers as well as to our users! But developing and sharing a new technology with the world has been the most exciting part so far!

What are your personal hobbies and interests?

I would say spending time with my wife and kid and taking them out to enjoy good food!

More about Walter Teo: LinkedIn

Walter Teo the CEO and Founder of NELO Smart Chain, a highly efficient and seamless platform which enables its users to perform the fastest transactions with the lowest cost. A versatile industry veteran with 7 years of valuable Business & Investing experience, he has been a part of the crypto community since its early stages in 2009.

With an immense interest in the crypto and blockchain industry, Teo began studying the ins and outs of blockchain technology itself and spent many years honing his skills to be able to build and run his own blockchain. Built on a foundation of cryptographic truth and generated by various decentralised infrastructure, NELO’s Blockchain will be a development/stepping stone for all creators, developers and investors alike.

With his experience and expertise in the technology industry, he is confident about the adoption of blockchain technology in our everyday lives. One way he believes this can be achieved is through the works of GameFi.

His vision: To leave no man behind and to bring blockchain awareness and understanding to the people!

About NELO (NSC):

NELO is a protocol and framework for building & connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, overcoming the limitations of Ethereum blockchain networks.
Speed, security, and scalability, are the priorities and principles of NELO. If this is what you are looking for, then you are at the right place.